fiber optic solutions

High-Speed Fiber Optic Solutions

Apart from Copper cabling solutions, Vibgyor provides fiber optic cabling solutions which have revolutionized the world of communication and networking. Fiber optic cables are the high-speed wires of glass or plastic that is generally used for communication purposes. These days, many large networks of universities, campuses, corporate and government sectors rely on this fast communication media. Vibgyor provides fiber-related products in a timely, professional manner, with top-notch quality.


Instead of using electrical signals, Fiber Cables use light signals (because the speed of light signals travels faster than electrical signals) to carry data from one remote location to another. Every cable is tested & distributed in the market. Every cable test goes through a three-step approach, visual inspection, loss testing, and network testing, by the use of special tools and equipment. A fiber optic test is performed using various types of fiber optic test equipment like optical loss test, source and power meter, a microscope adapter, tracer or visual fault locator, a test cable reference, cleaning solutions, an optical time-domain reflector (OTDR), launch cable etc.

Facts of Fiber Optic Cables:

  • No other media can provide more bandwidth the high-performance networks than this.
  • Optical fiber is immune to EMI/RFI and alien cross-talk issues.
  • Optical fiber will seamlessly migrate to 10, 40 and 100G Ethernet, providing a future-proofed data center infrastructure.
  • Server and switch electronics that use optics require less power to operate than comparable copper products, improving the environmental impact of the data center.

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